How Do You Pay Your Federal Taxes Online?


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A person can make a payment online for federal taxes at IRS.gov/payments. A person can pay directly with a credit or debit card online, or they can pay directly with a bank account.

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There are a number of other payment options for those interested in paying federal taxes online including using the electronic federal tax payment system and electronic funds withdrawal if the person is e-filing. A same-day wire payment can also be made when a person wants to pay taxes. There are also options for those who cannot pay off taxes right now, such as an offer in compromise or an online payment plan agreement.

If a person needs to know how much is owed on federal taxes, the Internal Revenue Service recommends referring to balance due documents, or the person can call an automated number to receive a payoff amount. People are also advised to avoid payments in the future by withholding more or by making estimated quarterly payments. To figure out how much should be withheld, the Internal Revenue Service has a calculator on the payment website. There is also information on the site for those who are self-employed, including a video. In addition, people can find out what happens if the taxes owed are not paid.

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