What Is the Pay for Different Marine Corps Ranks As of 2015?


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The pay ranks for Marine Corps personnel varies based on the individual's pay grade and years of service, according to Military Factory. For example, a grade E-1 private makes $1,547 per month regardless of whether the Marine serves 1 year or 30 years. By contrast, an E-8 first sergeant with greater than 8 to 10 years of experience receives $3,999 per month; after 38 years of service, the same first sergeant makes $5,703 per month, as of 2015.

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The Marines offers three separate pay scales: one for enlisted men, one for warrant officers and one for officers, notes Military Factory. Enlisted men's ranks include private, private first class, lance corporal, corporal and sergeant. These are followed by staff sergeant, gunnery sergeant, master sergeant and first sergeant. The highest three ranks are master gunnery sergeant, sergeant major and sergeant major of the Marine corps, a ranking that features a special pay grade that is undisclosed to the public.

There are five warrant officer ranks, including warrant officer and chief warrant officers one through five. There are 10 ranks for officers, in order of lowest to highest. These include second lieutenant, first lieutenant, captain, major and lieutenant colonel. These are followed by colonel, brigadier general, major general, lieutenant general and general. Warrant officer pay grades range from $2,868 to $9,408 monthly, depending on years' service and pay grade. Officer pay ranges from $2,934 to $14,338 monthly.

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