How Do You Pay Your Capital One Bill Online?

How Do You Pay Your Capital One Bill Online?

While logged in to your Capital One credit card account, select Make a One-Time Payment, enter the amount and choose the date of the payment. If you don't already have a bank account entered as a payment source, add one before making a payment.

The Capital One online system allows users to schedule up to three payments at once. Payment dates must fall within 90 days of the date you submit the payment. Each credit card account may have three pending payments at any one time. You have the option to cancel or modify a future payment until the day before the payment date.

Add a new payment account by selecting Manage Payment Accounts from the Payments tab. Click Add a Payment Account next to the External Accounts heading to enter the account information.

Check the status of a submitted payment by clicking on Transactions & Details under the Accounts tab. The page shows the pending and posted transactions on the account. Payments submitted before 8:00 p.m. Eastern time from Monday to Saturday generally post to your account the same day. Other payments typically post the next day. Sunday payments don't post until the next day.

Another option is to set up recurring payments online. The payment amount you select is withdrawn automatically from your chosen bank account on the due date each month.