How Do You Pay Bills by Phone?


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Paying bills over the phone requires a credit card, expiration date and security code in order to complete the transaction, according to the Houston Chronicle. Additionally, the institution receiving the payment needs to have a credit card processing device or online transaction account with a payment processing company.

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When making a payment over the phone, the customer is typically asked to provide his name, credit card number, expiration date and security code. Companies that use credit card devices may also ask for an address, date of birth and drivers licence number, advises the Houston Chronicle. When a company asks a customer for the information, it usually stays on file until the customer receives the service or product. For bill payment, giving permission to store the information may facilitate faster processing for future payments.

When paying credit card bills or bills attached to a specific account, it is important to have all card and account numbers ready. Institutions such as Bank of America typically have automated systems for payment services over the phone. Users simply follow prompted instructions with all information ready to enter. Verizon and Comcast are also two companies that make bill payment over the phone quick and easy for customers.

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