How Do You Pay Bills Online?


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To pay bills online, gather the bills you want to pay online, then decide which method is most efficient to pay them. Designate payment information and a payment schedule. Set reminders for yourself to keep track of your bank balance.

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  1. Gather your bills

    Consider all the bills you want to pay online.

  2. Evaluate each bill

    Consider whether you want to pay the bill online every time or whether you only want to pay it once. Also, consider whether the bill is the same amount every month or whether the amount varies significantly every time.

  3. Check with your bank for online payment options

    Check to see if your banking institution provides online bill pay. If you desire, set up each bill to be paid by specifying the payee, the account number and address for the payee, the amount to be paid and the date the payment comes out of your account. Specify whether you desire one-time payment or recurring payments.

  4. Set up payments with the payee

    When making payments through your bank is not optimal, check on the websites for the payee of each individual bill. On the website, give the information necessary to pay the bill using a credit card or a withdrawal from your bank. If you prefer, set up automatic withdrawals so the bill is paid every month.

  5. Set up reminders if desired

    Set up notifications so you are reminded of the withdrawal and the amount to be withdrawn. Check to be certain the withdrawal is made as scheduled. Note the amount paid, and adjust balance as needed.

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