How Do You Pay Bills for Kaiser Permanente?


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Customers can pay their Kaiser Permanente bill by signing into their account at KP.org, calling the number on their bill or mailing their payment according to the printed instructions on the bill, explains the Kaiser Permanente website. Payments can be paid by a customer's health incentive account, health reimbursement arrangement or health savings account.

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Depending on the types of services a patient receives, he may either get a professional bill or a hospital bill, says Kaiser Permanente. On a professional bill, the charges for services received at a medical office for doctor's visits, X-rays or lab tests are outlined on the bill. If a physician provided a service in a hospital, that service is also outlined on a professional bill. If a patient receives a hospital bill, the bill should outline the charges for services rendered, including charges for anesthesia and surgery.

A patient usually receives a bill for any month he sought medical treatment. Services and payments may take up to 125 days to appear on a bill, according to Kaiser Permanente. If a customer has a health reimbursement arrangement, flexible spending account or health incentive account, he can use his bill to validate any expenses outlined on his account.

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