How Do You Pay a Bill With Alliance Collection Agencies?


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Pay a bill with Alliance Collection Agencies online using the payment form, according to Alliance Collection Agencies. Use the reference number on the collections notice to access the online bill payment tool.

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To make a payment with the agency online, fill out the payment form, including information such as your full legal name and billing address, Alliance Collection Agencies states. The form asks for a credit or debit card number, expiration date, and card ID. Select an optional email address to send a receipt after making the payment online. State information on the form related to the bill, including the transaction date and amount being paid. Repeat the reference number from the collections notice on the payment form, and provide a billing phone number to complete the online bill payment process.

Payments for medical lines of credit are not supported by the online bill payment system, Alliance Collection Agencies explains. To make a payment for this type of service, call 1-800-215-6693 to speak with a representative about the bill.

Alliance Collection Agencies focuses on collecting unpaid debts from medical and other health care-related bills, according to its website. The agency handles insurance disputes, account balances, debts and payment options for outstanding bills. Health care providers use the service to collect debts from patients or other institutions outside of the medical facility.

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