How Do You Pay an Avista Utilities Bill?


An Avista utility bill can be paid online, in person, by phone or through the mail using various forms of payment methods, such as credit card, debit card, checking or savings account, cash or money order. One-time payments and automatic payments can be set up through the customers bank.

Avista provides a variety of convenient payment options to the customer. The steps below show how to pay an Avista utility bill.

  1. Decide where to pay
  2. Customers can make a payment online using a third party service provided by the Avista website for a small transaction fee, pay in person at an authorized pay center, make a payment through their bank or call the toll-free number.

  3. Make a one-time payment or setup automatic payments
  4. When making a payment through the online service or through a bank account, choose to make a one-time payment or to set up automatic payments.

  5. Pay using the available payment options
  6. Depending on the method used for paying the utility bill, there are several options for payment options. In-person payments accept cash, check or money orders, in addition to credit cards or debit cards. Mailing in a payment only accepts checks or money orders.

  7. Know when the payment posts
  8. Mailing in a payment takes up to 7 days, while making a payment online only takes 1 business day to post.

  9. Confirm payment was received
  10. Confirm the payment was sent and received through the Avista account or through the bank that sent the payment.