What Patterns Were Seen in 2014 IShares Silver Trust Stock Charts?


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Stock for iShares Silver Trust, trading under ticker symbol SLV, fluctuated between $21 and $18 per share for the first nine months of 2014 before falling in the last three months of the year, according to Yahoo Finance. The stock reached its 2014 low of $14.64 in November 2014.

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SLV traded above $20 per share for brief periods of 2014. The price didn't drop below $20 from February 14 to March 18, and stayed above $20 for most of the month of June, according to Yahoo Finance data. Before the price began to fall in mid-September 2014, the lowest price for SLV in 2014 was recorded in the beginning of June at $18.02.

The iShares Silver Trust tracks the price of silver. The trust mirrors the price of silver bullion on a daily basis, according to iShares. The stated goals of iShares Silver Trust are diversification and inflation protections. The company owns silver bullion to back each share of the trust, according to Fool.com. In its original incarnation, iShares Silver Trust backed each share with one ounce of silver, but expenses have reduced the amount of silver per share since then. iShares has 326,829,247.20 ounces or 10,165.53 metric tons of silver in trust as of July 31, 2015, according to its website.

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