Why Is Patient Feedback Important to Hospitals?


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Patient feedback helps hospitals improve the quality of health care services and patient experience. Patients are buyers of hospital services, and their feedback can either build or destroy a hospital’s reputation. Because hospitals deliver services to patient at a fee, patient feedback helps hospitals improve services and increase profits.

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Because patient feedback is an indicator of satisfaction with health care services at hospitals, it carries financial implications. If the feedback is negative, the reputation of a hospital declines, and it creates financial losses because many patients seek health care services in hospitals with excellent reputations. If the patient feedback is positive, patient loyalty develops, and a hospital can command a higher price without losing its market share or profit.

Because patients are consumers of health care services, hospitals use patient feedback to improve their systems and physician-patient interaction. Friendly physician-patient relationships help hospitals improve patient retention and reduce the risk of malpractice suits. If the feedback is positive, a doctor gets personal and professional satisfaction and motivation for work.

When patients have positive hospital experiences, they share their satisfaction with relatives, friends and neighbors. The exchange of positive patient experiences helps hospitals builds good reputations. If a hospital overlooks patient feedback, it becomes vulnerable to price wars and loses its customers to competitors.

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