How Do You Find Your Passion?

Finding a true passion for doing a specific kind of work, and developing a career from that passion, requires soul searching, making changes, and doing exercises to discover the best career path. First, realize that a passion for something isn't connected to how much money is earned. People passionate about their jobs are motivated by a natural enthusiasm and love for doing certain tasks.

Often, a passion is uncovered by giving in to curiosity. Pursue one or more interests, and investigate them further before narrowing them down to one area of interest. Being curious often leads to developing an expertise on a topic that opens the path to a rewarding career. Sometimes it may be necessary to leave a job that is not satisfying in order to find more suitable work. It may take several job changes before finding one that doesn't feel like work at all. Avoid setting artificial limitations that stifle opportunities for growth, and keep an open mind by accepting new task challenges when they arise.

Simple exercises can help uncover hidden passions. For example, spend some time remembering childhood activities that brought feelings of happiness. A fun way to unleash passionate pursuits is to make a creativity board from a collage of images and inspiring words.