How Do You Pass the Property and Casualty Insurance Exam?

To pass the property and casualty exam, complete all state-designated prelicensing requirements and study thoroughly using materials provided by a reputable insurance test preparation company, recommends Kaplan University. There are also many test-taking techniques to help enhance test scores, notes Latitude Insurance & Securities Test Prep.

Test preparation for the property and insurance exam is available online, explains Kaplan University. With online study, students are able to learn material quickly from insurance experts and focus on studying for the material on the test. Kaplan's program also offers interactive tools that help students retain information tailored to their particular state's exam.

There are many strategies that increase test performance, notes Latitude Insurance & Securities Test Prep. It is important to not leave any questions unanswered, even if you do not know the answer. When unsure of a multiple choice question, eliminate the obviously wrong answers and guess between the ones that are plausible. Candidates also need to read every possible answer, even if the first answer seems correct. One of the next answers may be more correct than another answer. Another tip is to avoid reading too much into the questions. Make the best choices, and then move on to the next question.