What Are Some Parts of a Study Leave Letter Sample?

A letter requesting a study leave should include an introduction, the reason the leave is being requested, a statement regarding the value of the leave and plans to catch up on any missed work. Any evidence supporting the leave should also be included.

One of the most important parts of a letter requesting a study leave is the introduction, which explains who is writing the letter, what the request is and the specific reason for it. For example: "Dear Mr. XYZ, My name is ABC Brown, and I am requesting a leave of absence due to unplanned personal circumstances."

If possible, the letter should include an outline of what is planned during the leave and when the leave is expected to end. Keep the letter formal, concise and to the point. If the study leave is due to participation in a special academic or professional enrichment program, acceptance letters, receipts or other forms of verification should be included with the request. The letter should end on a positive note and should clarify the expected benefits or favorable outcomes to be derived from the leave.

Mention should be made of any plans to catch up on or delegate missed work during the absence. Try to provide as much detail as possible without getting off-topic. Lastly, be sure to reread and check the letter for any errors.