How Do You Participate in Virtual Job Fairs?


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To participate in virtual job fairs, find job openings that fit, test your equipment, tailor your resume for each employer and prepare for interview questions. Dress professionally for virtual job fairs that feature video chats with recruiters.

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Begin by researching employers attending the job fair, and look at the list of openings they hope to fill. Write a list of keywords and phrases for each job listing and employer to streamline the application process.

Test your equipment well ahead of the fair. This includes testing the microphone, camera and connection speed. Consider attending the fair from a work-source location or library if your computer does not have a high-speed Internet connection.

Use the keywords and phrases you wrote down to tailor your resume for each employer. Ensure that the resume is focused on the specific position you are hoping to fill and upload the resume ahead of the fair where possible.

Research typical screening interview questions, and prepare your responses. Write short notes on your accomplishments and an outline of how to respond to questions. Keep the responses clear and concise, and incorporate keywords to your responses. Prepare a few questions to ask recruiters to better understand the position and its requirements. Many recruiters also take asking questions as a sign of strong interest in the organization.

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