How Do You Find Part-Time Work?


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Most fast food joints offer part-time work to teens and adults alike. To find additional part-time work, potential workers can check their local classifieds on Craigslist and check under the "part-time" category to find employer listings for work.

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To find additional part-time work, potential workers can check on companies websites for job listings. If a company doesn't list jobs on their website, workers can make a trip to the companies local office to apply for a part-time job.

Selling a hobby is also a great way to find part-time work. Offering services to others can create a small business that can be managed on the side like mowing lawns, offering videography and photography services, baking and crafts.

Some media outlets offer money to those who can give details on breaking stories. Other outlets offer paid part-time internships as well. Workers should get in contact with local media outlets to learn more about internships.

Freelancing is another way to find part-time work. Freelance writers, photographers and videographers can all lead to manageable side businesses. Websites such as "Fiverr.com" and "elance.com" all offer services connecting freelancers to potential clients. Workers who show the most dedication to their skill reach the most oppertunity.

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