How Do You Find Part-Time Jobs in the Healthcare Industry?


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One simple way of searching for part-time jobs in the health care industry is by using the search tools on employment solutions websites, such as Monster and Indeed. Among the common part-time jobs in the health care industry include licensed practical nurses, phlebotomists, midwives, legal nurses and registered nurses, notes Monster.

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As of March 2015, licensed practical nurses have an average hourly salary of $17 an hour. Among the tasks of phlebotomists is to collect bodily fluids for examination and they usually receive a $13 an hour wage. Registered nurses, midwives and legal nurses, on the other hand, receive significantly higher hourly compensations with $26, $35 and $54 per hour respectively, states Monster.

The following shows how to search for part-time health care jobs on Monster or Indeed.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Point a Web browser to Monster or Indeed and go to website's home page.

  3. Begin the search
  4. Type "part-time health care" on the "Search for Jobs" field and the location for the search. Information for the location may could be a state, city or ZIP code.

  5. Navigate through the results
  6. Click on the search results to view a more detailed description about the job opening. On Indeed, it is possible to filter the results further, according to salary, job title and company.

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