What Are Some of the Best Part-Time Jobs?

Some good part-time jobs include bartending, consulting, online teaching and pet care. Part-time jobs are ideal for parents and retirees who either can’t or don’t want to work a full-time schedule. Other workers may maintain multiple part-time jobs that add up to a full-time salary.

Bartending doesn’t boast a high base pay rate, but the ample tips can add up to a lucrative salary. Bartenders also commonly work off-hours, which can open up the possibility of working a second job. Bartenders need to be hardworking, sociable and able to multitask.

Consulting is a popular job for part-time workers who have highly-specialized experience. The field is a common choice for writers, lawyers, medical professionals or anyone with desirable knowledge. Consultants are often hired temporarily for the duration of a specific project, so their employment is typically flexible but not always consistent.

Online learning is an increasingly popular mode of education, creating a greater need for online teachers. Online teachers can often work for more than one college, and they may teach numerous classes or just a couple per term. Online teaching often offers the advantage of being able to work remotely.

Pet care positions, including dog walking and pet sitting, are another popular part-time job. For animal lovers, these jobs are great opportunities that also pay generously for a limited amount of work.