What Are Some Part-Time Job Ideas for a 16-Year-Old?


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Part-time job ideas for a 16-year-old include serving fast food, bagging groceries and working at a retail store. During the summer, a teenager can work as a lifeguard. He can also provide a service to a family, such as babysitting or running errands.

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Fast food servers have to work at a quick pace and cooperate with their coworkers. Fast food restaurants often don't require work experience, making it easier for teenagers to get hired.

Grocery stores often hire teenagers for bagger and sometimes cashier positions. Shifts are flexible based on the teenager's school schedule.

Retail stores also hire teenagers, particularly during the summer. One benefit of working at these stores is possible employee discounts.

Lifeguards watch people in a pool or at the beach and help anyone who needs assistance. Training in first aid and CPR is required.

Babysitters take care of another person's children. Parents pay either hourly or a flat rate, and payments are typically in cash. Babysitting is a good part-time job for teenagers because of the flexible hours.

A teenager with a car can run errands and drive around those who need assistance, such as senior citizens. A driving job allows him to make money while improving his driving skills.

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