What Are Part-Time Hot Shot Truck Driving Jobs?

Part-time hot shot truck driving jobs are short-term employment opportunities in the freight shipping industry that involve smaller class trucks hauling trailers and time sensitive cargo on an as-needed basis. The term can also refer to part-time jobs offered by the Hotshot Logistics shipping company.

In the freight shipping business, a company typically operates a full-time or contracted fleet of trucks that transport a variety of goods from one location to another, on behalf of either a manufacturer or distributor. Traditional freight shipping involves a great deal of logistical work to organize drivers, set delivery timetables and work with all local Departments of Transportation to secure proper travel routes and cover any applicable fees. The term "hot shot trucking" refers to transportation that happens in an expedited manner, typically with trucks that have a towing capacity of approximately one ton, that is done through less standardized means.

The Hotshot Logistics company is a medium-sized freight shipping operation that specializes in organizing on-call and contract-based shipping with drivers who own trucks. The company complies with all applicable employment and shipping regulations, and allows individuals to deliver smaller loads of cargo without needing to maintain professional grade shipping trucks and cargo containers.