How Do You Parse a Resume?

Resumes are parsed by software tools such as RecruitPlus Resume Parser. The software focuses on keywords written in the resume in order to sort viable candidates from unqualified ones.

Resume parsing programs allow recruiters to extract information from electronic resumes. While they are often used to identify keywords, they can also gather education and work history that are relevant to the position in question. Contact information can also be pulled and stored in a database. These programs are accurate around 95 percent of the time. They allow recruiters to review resumes efficiently and contact applicants in minimal time, which in turn fills open positions faster.

Each parsing program has its own parameters. RecruitPlus Resume Parser sorts every detail of the resume into a well-organized Excel database, including details such as gender and college code. It requires a computer running Windows XP or newer, Microsoft Office 2003 or newer, an Internet connection, and Internet Explorer, Firefox or Mozilla browsers. Registration can be completed at Online Resume Parser's website, and accounts are free.

Parsing programs should be taken into consideration when an applicant writes a resume. Traditional formats should be abandoned in lieu of keyword heavy documents. Appropriate keywords can be identified by thoroughly reading a job description. Additionally, parsing programs make it possible for applicants to apply directly from their LinkedIn profiles.