Are There Any Parkinson's Natural Treatment Options to Use at Home?

The best natural treatments for Parkinson's disease to try at home include diet, exercise and alternative therapies to help manage stress, reduce pain, and increase balance and muscle strength, according to WebMD. Tai chi and yoga may help Parkinson's patients achieve greater balance, flexibility and strength, says the Mayo Clinic.

An approach known as the Alexander technique can also be useful, explains the Mayo Clinic. It focuses on muscle posture and may help alleviate tension and pain. Music, art and pet therapies have also been effectively used as treatments, as has meditation and massage.

A number of supplements, including Vitamin E and co-enzyme Q10, have been studied as potential treatments for Parkinson's disease, according to WebMD. Early studies suggested that, taken in high doses, co-enzyme Q10 may be a promising at home treatment for the disease, but that larger studies have not confirmed these findings, notes the Mayo Clinic.