What Is a Paralegal's Job Description?


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The job of paralegal involves helping attorneys prepare for trials, hearings and closings; observing initial interviews with clients; performing follow-up interviews with clients and witnesses; and drafting legal documents, including complaints, interrogatories, subpoenas and deposition notices, reports the Center for Advanced Legal Studies. Paralegals also file papers, answer telephone calls in the lawyer's office and manage other administrative tasks.

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In preparation for a trial, a paralegal assists an attorney by performing legal research, obtaining important information about the case and determining particular laws and judicial decisions related to the case, states the Center for Advanced Legal Studies. Moreover, he studies the facts and information he has acquired and creates a written report for the attorney. He may also prepare a presentation for the client.

During an initial client interview between the attorney and a client, a paralegal gathers information about the client's legal issues and uses the information to perform further interviews, notes the Center for Advanced Legal Studies. He also creates a memo that serves as a summary of a witness' testimony for the lawyer.

Other common duties of paralegals include managing the schedule of attorneys and communicating with court personnel and other lawyers to set schedules for interviews, hearings or trials, explains the Center for Advanced Legal Studies. They accompany attorneys during trials, will executions, real estate closings, depositions and other legal processes. Paralegals also sometimes make travel arrangements for lawyers.

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