What Paperwork and Permits Are Needed to Set up a Pet-Sitting Business?


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In some states it may not be required to have a license to set up a pet-sitting business, but all businesses must be registered. State-specific information on the process of registration is easily obtainable on its website, notes the U.S. Small Business Administration. The owner or owners may also be required to fill out tax returns and obtain pet-sitting insurance before starting a pet-sitting business, as well as draw up a service agreement contract for customers to sign.

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The service agreement contract should detail what services the pet-sitting business will provide, along with the business policies. It is possible to download service agreement contracts from websites such as Business Forms Store.

Getting bonding for a new pet-sitting business might be a good idea as well, according to the Business Forms Store website. This is more important for businesses that have employees, particularly if those employees are not well-known to the employer, since bonding protects the employer from liability for their employees' criminal actions. For example, if the employee steals from the home of a customer, the bond will be responsible for covering the cost. Although bonding is not strictly necessary, many pet-sitters choose to get it to enhance their business's image of trustworthiness and increase customer confidence.

Pet-sitters may also want to obtain first aid certificates, training with animals and a basic education on bookkeeping and business logistics.

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