What Paperwork and Duties Are Involved With Importing From Canada to the United States?


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There are various categories of documents and duties required for importing goods from Canada into the United States, including common export documents, transportation documents, certificates of origin, and certificates for shipment of specific goods, states Export.gov. Import duty and taxes are based primarily on the valuation method, states DutyCalculator.

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The commercial invoice is among the necessary documents required for imports into the United States, notes Export.gov. The invoice is filled out by the person exporting and is used as proof of ownership by the buyer. For an incident-free import experience, the information presented in the commercial invoice must be consistent with that provided in other travel documents, such as the airway bill, explains FedEx. The commercial invoice is the primary document used for valuation, import control and determination of duty. The certificate of origin confirms that the import goods have originated from Canada and have met the requirements determined by the North America Free Trade Agreement.

The amount of duty levied on imported goods from Canada depends on various factors, including the nature and value of the goods. Import goods worth $200 and below do not attract duty, as of 2015. Tobacco and alcoholic beverages incur a federal excise tax. There is also a merchandise processing fee charged on both formal and informal entries from Canada, according to DutyCalculator.

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