How Is Paper Made?

How Is Paper Made?

To make paper at home, soak junk mail or newspaper in water, puree it in a blender, and then press it out before laying it out to dry. You need junk mail or newspaper, dish pans, a blender, 8-by-8-inch small-holed screening, towels, a smooth board and cotton cloth.

  1. Soak scrap paper in water

    Tear the junk mail or newspaper into small pieces. Make sure to remove all plastic windows. Put the pieces into the dish pan and cover with warm water. Let the paper soak overnight.

  2. Shred wet paper

    The next day, add more warm water to the dish pan to break the paper into pulp. Add pulp to blender until blender is half full. Fill remaining space in blender with water. Pulse the blender in short bursts until the pulp inside is smooth.

  3. Make new paper

    Evenly spread the pulp on the screen, completely covering the screen. Lay the screen on a towel. Lay the smooth board over the screen. Firmly press down on board. If the paper sticks to the board when the board is lifted, the water has not been squeezed out enough. Turn the screen over onto a piece of cotton cloth and carefully remove the new paper. Allow the new paper to dry completely before using.