How Do You Find Your PAN Card Number?

To find your PAN, visit the E-filing section of the Government of India's Income Tax department website at Enter your date of birth and last name as well as the captcha. Also enter your first name and middle name if desired, according to the Income Tax department of the Government of India.

The Income Tax department of India issues a personal account number, or PAN, to persons who apply for it or to whom the department chooses to supply one for, explains the Consulate General of India. This 10-digit number, consisting of letters and numerals, links a person's transactions with the Income Tax department and serves as the method in which the department identifies an individual.

Any taxpayers or individuals required to file an income return must have a PAN, notes the Consulate General of India. This same rule applies to individuals filing a return on behalf of another person. If a person's business or job has total sales, gross receipts or turnover that exceeds 5 lakh rupees in any previous year, he must acquire a PAN. The department also requires that a person have a PAN to conduct certain transactions. An assessing officer may provide a PAN to any person, whether or not the person has requested one.