What Are Some Palaeontology Jobs?


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With a degree in palaeontology, researchers can work in museums, state and federal geological and research facilities, and universities. Palaeontologists who work at universities are typically professors. Those who work in museums may be teachers, curators, researchers or scientists.

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What Are Some Palaeontology Jobs?

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Palaeontologists working in the classroom often are required to divide their time between teaching students, supervising the work of undergraduate and graduate interns or students, and conducting their own continuing research. At times it may be necessary for a palaeontologist to authenticate bone and fossil findings either in a laboratory environment or in person at an archaeological dig site.

When working at a museum, a palaeontologist may be called upon to help design an exhibit, conduct research on behalf of the museum organization, conduct guided tours or accompany field trips of students, and create educational programs for visitors. In most posts, particularly those that involve research and education, the palaeontologist may be required to publish research findings periodically.

In industry, palaeontologists work with the government or private corporations that deal in the procurement and use of fossil fuels. In this role, the palaeontologist is working as a researcher to examine rocks and fossils found while mining for fuels to date the age of the site and record any relevant findings.

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