What Are Some Pain Clinics in Georgia?


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Pain management clinics in Georgia include MD Pain Care and Trinity Pain Relief Center. Atlanta Medical Clinic is a pain clinic in Georgia as well.

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MD Pain Care clinic in Conyers focuses on reducing and eliminating spinal and chronic pain disorders. The clinic uses a combination of simple medical treatments during the initial consultations and applies more invasive procedures when the treatments fail to work. The treatments include physical therapy, therapeutic laser procedures and infusions such as Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection, which relieves pain caused by a nerve in the cervical spine that affects the neck, arms and shoulders.

Trinity Pain Relief Center in Jonesboro treats acute and chronic pain, including headaches and arthritis, using modern equipment such as X-ray machines for diagnosis. The facility's pain relief services include chiropractic adjustment, which treats pain caused by dysfunction of the nervous system, and dry hydrotherapy massage, which increases circulation and metabolism. The clinic also provides weight loss programs and anti-aging alternative treatments.

Besides providing treatment for acute and chronic pain, Atlanta Medical Clinic treats challenging conditions including back surgery syndrome and multi-factorial neck pain. The clinic uses modern techniques that offer less invasive treatments and therapies such as spinal decompression, which includes exercises that alleviate pain and stiffness. Also, trigger point injections treat pain caused by hyper-irritable muscle fibers. The clinic also offers an ionized foot bath service for detoxification.

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