How Often Are You Paid on a Biweekly Payroll Schedule?


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Biweekly payrolls pay employees every two weeks, such as on every other Friday. The paycheck may be for the hours worked during the days immediately before the payment date, or there may be a lag of one pay period before payment.

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A new employee may have a partial first paycheck if he worked for only part of a pay period, or the partial period may be added to the first full pay period's check.

Biweekly pay differs from semi-monthly pay, which occurs twice a month, usually on the 15th and the 30th or the last day of the month. Some months have three paydays for biweekly pay, such as when there are five Fridays in a month and the paydays fall on the first, third and fifth Fridays. Biweekly payrolls pay 26 times a year; semi-monthly pay schedules have 24 paydays per year.

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