What Packaging Supplies Does an Online Business Need?

What Packaging Supplies Does an Online Business Need?

Typical packaging supplies for an online business include labels and envelopes, packaging fills, shipping tape and boxes. Special products including plastic containers, mailing tubes and tear-resistant bags may be necessary for shipping unique items such as perishables, large-format documents and bikes.

Standard envelopes are sufficient for ordinary correspondence but security envelopes are necessary for sending legal paperwork, checks and other sensitive documents. Use padded mailers for books and other similar printed materials. Stick-on, stock study envelopes are good for sending invoices and packaging lists.

Packing fill ensures that the box absorbs vibration and shock during shipping and keeps the contents safe. Packing fill can also separate multiple items in the same package. The fill may include peanuts, air pillows or packing paper. Foam sheets and bubble roll offer additional protection for fragile items.

Special shipping tape is essential because it is designed to withstand the strain and stress of handling and shipping. Shipping tape is available in a variety of colors and sizes depending on the specific packing needs. A shipping tape dispenser helps to save time and effort for people shipping large volumes of products.

Finally, choosing the right size of shipping boxes is important to avoid damaging contents. Corrugated boxes are good options because of their high strength-to-weight ratios. Boxes that are ripped, torn or crushed at the corners should not be reused because they lose their original protective qualities.