What Packages Does Alliance Security Offer for Your Home?


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Alliance Security offers several types of packages suited for specific lifestyles, such as single parents, suburban families and seniors. The company also offers Secure Mobile, Home Control and Secure Vision packages. Customers can speak with Alliance representatives to discuss and customize packages according to their needs.

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The single parent package protects children when they are alone at home; it includes an easy-to-use touch-screen control panel with 24-hour dispatcher support. When the system is activated, a trained home safety dispatcher responds immediately to guide children through the situation. The system can signal for help even if intruders destroy the panel. The system features safety equipment such as a smoke detector, a criminal entry sensor and a keyless entry option. The package also offers add-ons such as a smart thermostat, video monitoring and powered door locks.

Alliance's senior living package consists of a control panel that features a touch and swipe system and a bright display. This package also includes a Health and Emergency Life Protector remote control for the elderly in case of accidents or medical emergencies.

The company's Home Control package offers special features such as infrared motion detection, a smart code deadbolt lever, lighting and appliance modules, and Smart-O-Stat climate control.

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