Who Owns Columbia Life Insurance Company?


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The Illinois based Columbian Life Insurance Company is owned by Columbian Mutual Life, whose headquarters is in Binghamton, New York. It is part of Columbian Financial Group.

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Columbian Mutual Life was established in 1882 in Brooklyn, New York as the American Protective Association. In 1907, the name was changed to Columbian Protective Association and to Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company in 1952. By 1990, the company was operating in all 50 states.

Columbian Life Insurance Company was formed in the 1990s as a wholly owned stock life insurance company in Illinois.

Over the years, the company’s growth has been driven by buyouts and mergers with other companies. These include Washington National Life Insurance Company, Philanthropic Mutual Life Insurance, Mutual of Detroit and Unity Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Columbian Life Insurance Company provides various insurance services, including Home Service, Universal Life, Term Life, Whole Life, Guaranteed Issue Whole Life, Preneed and Final Expense.

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