In Which Overseas Countries Can You Find Teaching Jobs?


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Some overseas countries that offer opportunities for teaching include China, Spain and South Korea. As of 2015, these are some of the best job markets for Americans looking to teach English abroad.

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In Which Overseas Countries Can You Find Teaching Jobs?
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With hundreds of millions of Chinese learning English, China boasts one of the best job markets for foreign teachers. The demand for English teachers is so high that many have their airfare and housing provided free of charge. High salaries and a low cost of living make it possible for most English teachers to save significant portions of their income each month.

Spain is one of the top countries for English teachers, with much higher demand than other European countries. Large cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, offer the most teaching jobs, but smaller cities, such as Bilbao, offer positions that are less competitive. The best time to apply for teaching positions in Spain is during the prime hiring seasons, which are September through October and the beginning of January.

South Korea is another popular destination for overseas teachers. The small country has emerged as one of the world’s most prosperous and technologically advanced countries, fueling the need for English teachers as South Korea emerges into the global economy. Approximately 25,000 foreign English teachers gain employment in South Korea each year, and many have their airfare and living accommodations supplied for free.

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