What Are Some Outlets Offering Cash for Old Cellphones?


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Two major outlets offering cash for old cellphones as of 2015 are Best Buy and RadioShack. Many service providers accept old phones, usually in exchange for company gift cards. People selling phones are advised to remove their SIM cards, manually wipe data and reset their phones before selling them to avoid personal information getting into the wrong hands.

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Best Buy has a trade-in program to buy back used phones from customers. The retailer typically offers checks or gift cards. The Best Buy gift cards usually offer better value compared to checks. Customers are encouraged to visit the Best Buy website to get quotes before visiting local stores. There is also an option for mailing the device to the store.

RadioShack has an in-store and online trade-in program for used cellphones. Customers can exchange their devices for cash at the local retailer instantly.

Many wireless carriers, including Verizon and AT&T, purchase used devices from their customers. These devices typically are sold for a profit, and the customer is encouraged to purchase a new phone from the service provider.

Verizon purchases phones from any carrier, typically in exchange for a Verizon gift card. Subscribers can visit its website, complete appraisals and receive offers for their phones. The company sends pre-paid envelopes for mailing the phones.

AT&T allows subscribers to visit local stores to sell their devices. The program also only exchanges used phones for AT&T promotional cards.

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