How Do You Find Out If You Have Unclaimed Funds From Metlife?


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Those who think they may have unclaimed life insurance policies from MetLife can use the company's online Policy Finder. To use the search tool, users must be able to identify the name, approximate birth date, state of residence and Social Security number for the insured person.

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MetLife's Policy Finder allows users to discover whether they set up forgotten life insurance policies with MetLife, or if estates for which they are beneficiaries had policies that continue to hold unclaimed funds. Along with the basic required personal information, users can also enter a person's aliases or maiden name to improve the accuracy of searches.

Beneficiaries should also be aware, per MetLife's website, that the company may have turned over older policies to a state treasury department, and those may not be accessible from MetLife.com. The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators offers a comprehensive search site, MissingMoney.com, where people can search for missing money possibly turned over to the state government from any source. Search hits that match the name and state provided indicate the source of funds and direct users to the appropriate state's treasury department site. There are other freely available search tools that can help users find unclaimed pensions, savings bonds and other assets, explains CNN.

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