How Do You Find Out If Swap Meet Vendors Are Licensed?


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In many states, swap meet organizers should ask vendors for their permit numbers and verify them with the state to find out if swap meet vendors are licensed. For example, in California, organizers can ask sellers to fill out form BOE-410-D to acquire seller information such as permit numbers, business names, addresses and identification numbers, as described on the California State Board of Equalization website.

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Many states require swap meet vendors to hold seller permits. In states such as California, swap meet organizers are not legally permitted to rent stalls or sale space to vendors unless they can show proof that they have acquired a seller's permit. Sellers must also be able to show proof of their permits upon request. California uses form BOE-410-D Swap Meets, Flea Markets or Special Events Certification to organize seller permits and swap meet information. To find out if vendors are properly licensed, run through the following steps.

  1. Obtain seller information
  2. In California, swap meet organizers must collect specific seller information including the seller's business name, address, phone number, ID number, description of items to be sold and a valid permit number. Sellers must provide photo ID and a Social Security Number to apply for a permit, as reported by ProSwapMeet.org.

  3. Verify the permit number
  4. Swap meet organizers can verify permit numbers by filling out an online form on the California State Board of Equalization website, calling the toll free number or using the department's mobile application.

In a few cases, sellers are not required to have permits when selling products that are not taxable and making occasional sales. In these cases, sellers must provide a reason for not having a permit.

Permit requirements and verification processes may vary between states. Swap meet organizers should always check with their state's board to stay up to date on current requirements.

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