How Do You Get Out of Student Loan Debt?


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There are two basic ways that you can get out of student loan debt: repaying the debt over time or participating in a program that offers loan forgiveness, according to the Institute for College Access & Success. Student loans are only eligible for discharge under bankruptcy protection in very specific circumstances, so paying them off typically cannot be avoided.

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The first way to get out of student loan debt is to repay the loans over time. This can be done by starting with the loan that has the highest interest rate, as it will save the most money over time. Pay off private loans first, as their repayment terms are generally less flexible than federal loans. Federal loans also have more legal protections than private loans.

The other way to get out of student loan debt is to work for an employer that qualifies for loan forgiveness. This option is available for individuals that work in a certain field or for a specific type of employer. These programs will often require the consumer to pay their student loan payments for ten years while working in a qualifying position. After ten years, the remaining balance is forgiven. Examples of student loan forgiveness options include teaching positions, nonprofit companies, government positions and certain public service jobs.

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