How Do You Find Out If You Still Owe Taxes?


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The balance of a tax account can be checked using the "Get Transcript" tool on the official Internal Revenue Service website, or by calling the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040. The transcript tool provides options for accessing information about taxes owed, wage and income information, filing details and more.

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The following steps can be taken to check the balance of a tax account:

  1. Visit the IRS website
  2. All of the information about a tax account, as well as tools for managing any necessary activity, can be found on the official IRS website. Go to this website and click on the "Payments" page to find information and tools for handling outstanding taxes due.

  3. Go to the "Get Transcript" tool
  4. Among the other payment tool options, there is a tool called "Get Transcript." This tool allows taxpayers to request information that validates payments, details account activity and the balance, and provides details about other tax activities. Within this tool is the option for choosing several different types of transcript requests. Select "Record of Account."

  5. Fill out the information accurately
  6. Fill out the personal tax information, including the Social Security number, to access the transcript. This transcript can be downloaded and printed immediately, or the IRS can mail an official printout to the home address upon request. Use this information to keep track of the payments and account balance.

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