How Do You Find Out Where to Send Your Tax Return?


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To find out where to send your tax return, consult the official website of the Internal Revenue Service to view a list of locations for sending a tax return based on your location. The best place to send a paper tax return depends on geographical location, the type of tax return and whether it includes a payment.

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To access the list of locations for sending a paper tax return, go to IRS.gov, and click on the Filing tab. From there, look under Filing Options on the right-hand side, then click on the Find a Mailing Address for Paper Returns link. This page has a list of different links to click on, based on the type of return. For example, there are links for taxpayers and tax professionals, tax exempt and government entities, and addresses for forms sent that are not actual tax returns.

There is also an option of finding the location based on the form number of the tax return, notes the IRS. This is for all types of tax returns, including individuals, partnerships, business owners and corporations. You need to have the form number to use this feature. Enter the form number, and view a list of locations.

For all taxpayers and tax professionals, click on the first link. This lists addresses based on the geographical location for various types of forms, including all types of 1040 forms, extensions and amended returns. Click the state from the map, or click on the link to view a list of states, instructs the IRS. Continue selecting the location within that state to find addresses for sending the return. There is a different address for tax returns with payment or without a payment.

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