How Do You Find Out What the Property Tax Is for a City?


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Information about property taxes is available from the county assessor's website of the county in which the property is located, according to SFGate. Since property taxes are not assessed by cities, a property's taxes cannot be determined or accurately estimated strictly by knowing what city the property is in.

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Several factors are involved in determining a property's tax amount, and property owners who know more about these factors can make more accurate estimations of their probably property tax levels. These factors include property value, municipality location, proximity to public services such as schools and libraries, and the designated primary use of the property, whether as a business or as a residence. Property taxes can also change year to year if any of these factors change or if certain other circumstances occur, such as the annexation of land into an existing municipality, as SFGate explains.

Due to the nature of these factors and the fact that not all properties are located within a city's corporate limits, counties are ultimately responsible for the assessing, collecting and tracking of property taxes within the United States. Information regarding property taxes therefore, in all cases, must be obtained from the county assessor's office rather than from a city's government office, according to SFGate.

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