How Do You Find Out the Proper Address for International Mail?


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Find out the proper address formatting for international mail by viewing the official guidelines on USPS.com or by using the tools on sites such as AddressDoctor.com and BitBoost.com, as of 2015. Alternately, look up the address formatting rules on the postal service website for the country to which you are sending mail.

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The USPS website includes a thorough list of guidelines and rules on how to properly address international mail. This page covers the formatting requirements for writing down the address and name of the party receiving the mail, such as the order in which to place the name, street address and regional distinctions. This page also discusses how to include names written in languages such as Greek, Chinese or Russian and the methods for including an English translation. This ensures proper processing of the mail within the United States, the country of destination and any countries through which it may pass en route.

AddressDoctor.com offers an online tool that lets you view the specific formatting rules for each country. To use the tool, select the destination country from the drop-down list, and click the Show Address Format button. This displays both a general description of the format and an example on an actual letter. BitBoost.com contains a listing of address formats and examples for countries on a searchable page.

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