How Do You Find Out the Price of Copper Per Ounce?


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The price-per-ounce calculator located on the CoinApps.com website provides up-to-date pricing information for copper as of March 2015. The calculator also adjusts for the purity of the metal, so it is possible to calculate the value of copper that has impurities.

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Spot prices for copper on CoinApps.com are updated in real-time, and the website also displays charts of recent fluctuations in the spot price over the last 24 hours. In addition to a price-per-ounce calculator, CoinApps.com also offers calculators to determine the present value of copper in U.S. and Canadian pennies after they are melted down. However, these values are only applicable to U.S. pennies minted before 1982 and Canadian pennies minted before 1997, as pennies produced in subsequent years have little salvageable copper content.

The ability to account for the level of impurities in copper when calculating its price is useful for those selling salvaged copper from appliances or electronics. However, copper is commonly refined to a high level of purity for electronics applications to maximize its electrical conductivity, so copper obtained from electronics or electrical cables is likely to be nearly 100 percent pure. It is also useful for computing the actual value of copper bars, bullion and coins, as these often sell for more than the actual price of the copper itself.

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