How Do You Find Out About Previous Complaints Within Apartment Complexes?


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Find out about previous complaints within apartment complexes by using apartment review research sites such as AddressReport.com, local community review sites such as Yelp.com or through city-specific complaint research sites, as of 2015. Some counties may also offer online search tools to find official complaints about health code or building violations against apartment complexes or other rental properties, though these may vary between locations.

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How Do You Find Out About Previous Complaints Within Apartment Complexes?
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AddressReport.com allows users to search for properties, including apartment complexes, and view a wide range of information about the building and the neighborhood in which it resides. The site also offers information about crime in the area, commute times and some city violation records after users sign up for accounts or provide email addresses to view the results.

Yelp.com enables users to write reviews and complaints about local businesses, with many cities featuring listings for apartment complexes and property management companies. These reviews may not always come from actual tenants, as the site does not require proof of residency to write a review.

Some major cities may feature special websites that allow residents to research apartment complexes and other types of rental properties, such as the building directory tool for New York City on Apartable.com. Details include the status of all permits, information about city code violations and any legal complaints from residents.

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