How Do You Find Out a Particular Stock Price?

Various websites provide stock market data, including,, and Use the provided search bars to find company names or stock ticker codes. Each website also provides additional stock information, including trading volume, analyst recommendations and dividend information.

Yahoo! Finance provides good stock overviews along with a robust chart feature. The stock charts list a significant amount of historical data, states Investopedia, along with many extra chart features, such as logarithmic scale, dividend dates, indicators and comparisons with other stocks and indexes.

MarketWatch gears its stock pages toward day traders, with daily trading volume and daily price highs and lows. The MarketWatch stock pages also include a sentiment meter, from bearish to bullish, which tracks the general feeling of the market. Click the Analyst button on this meter for specific recommendations.

CNN Money provides concise stock overviews and prominently features recent news articles related to each stock. Additionally, it gives detailed company profiles for many stocks, under the Profile tab on its website. CNN Money also lists price forecasts and analyst recommendations under the Forecast tab, and compares stocks to related competitors and indexes under the Competitors tab.

The CNBC stock pages are similar to those available from CNN Money, providing daily prices, related new articles and multiple tabs with additional information. CNBC lists analyst recommendations under the Profile tab on its website.