How Do You Find Out Who Owns a Particular Corporation?

Some ways to find out who owns a particular corporation include calling the company, checking the company's website or searching the Better Business Bureau reports. Other ways include searching the state or national database of registered businesses, querying business info search engines and social media, or contacting licensing agencies.

Technically speaking, the owners of a corporation are the stockholders, also known as investors or shareholders. These people invest a certain amount of time, money or other resources into getting the corporation off the ground and are rewarded with stock in the company. However, shareholders are not given a say in the day-to-day management of a corporation and as a general rule their only role in leadership is to "vote with their stock" based on the company's performance.

Managers and executives are the individuals who "run" corporations. Top level corporate executives tend to be fairly public figures and therefore are easy to find. For example, a simple online search reveals that, as of 2015, the CEO of Google is Larry Page, the COO of Facebook is Sheryl Sandberg and the CEO of In-N-Out is Lynsi Torres. Lower-level executives and managers are more difficult to find. One way to search for them is through corporate directories.