How Do You Find Out Who Owns a Business?

To find out who owns a business, call the company, check the company website, look up Better Business Bureau reports, or search the state database of registered businesses. Social networks such as LinkedIn can also provide helpful information.

Begin by searching the name of the company on a search engine to find contact information. Alternatively, look up the business contact information on an online or local telephone directory. Finding the owner of the business may be as simple as asking whoever answers the phone for the information.

If this is not possible, check the company website. If the business has a website, check the Contact or About pages to see if they specify the owner.

If this does not work, search the Better Business Bureau website, which may contain information on the business owner. Always check the date of any report to ensure that the information remains reliable and current. Also, keep in mind that the contact information may not be the owner’s, although names usually appear with the corresponding titles on the website.

Lastly, the state’s database of registered companies may yield information on the business owner depending on the state. The local business licensing agency may also provide results.