How Do You Find Out If You Owe Money for Taxes?


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The best place to find out if you have any outstanding tax obligations is by checking directly with the IRS or the state agency through which the tax return was filed. You can either call customer service or check online to get more information about your tax history.

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Prior-year tax returns that were submitted and accepted also contain information about any tax debts. Tax returns need to be filed for all past years to account for all tax liability. In case of any error or correction needed to filed tax returns, you can file an amended return with the IRS.

Unpaid tax debts under $50,000 for personal accounts, or $25,000 for businesses, are eligible to apply for an installment or payment plan online or by phone. Quarterly or estimated taxes for businesses need to be prepared to find out about any tax liability for the current year.

Outstanding debts are also subject to be paid from any upcoming tax refunds, which are considered overpayments, through the Treasury Offset Program, or TOP. Under this program, the Bureau of Fiscal Service works with the IRS to choose prior-year federal and state tax obligations, past-due child or parent support, and certain unemployment-related debts for repayment.

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