How Do Out Find Out Who's Offering Free Meals on Veteran's Day?


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One of the ways to determine who is offering free meals on Veteran's Day is to look at online databases offering such information. For example, both About.com and Military.com provide comprehensive lists of establishments that have confirmed participation in offering discounts on services and meals.

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Many restaurants and retailers participate in Veteran's Day promotions nationwide, but not all. Call the restaurant ahead of time to ensure it is participating and if there are any specific guidelines. Some offer free meals throughout the whole day, while others are only valid during a specific time. Certain establishments participate throughout the weekend, but others may just be offering free meals on actual Veteran's Day or another date.

Some establishments require individuals to present common forms of identification or proof. Acceptable proof might include a military ID, veterans organization card or a retired ID card from the U.S. Uniform Services. Wearing a military uniform or presenting a picture of an individual wearing a uniform is sometimes accepted as a proof as well. Current and active military personnel and members are also often eligible for the free meals, discounts and services. Checking with the specific restaurant or place of business is the best way to find out relevant details and requirements.

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