How Do You Find Out Where an Oil Rig Is Located?

How Do You Find Out Where an Oil Rig Is Located?

To find out where an offshore oil rig is located, use the rig search tool that's available on, as of 2015. Reports of land and offshore oil rig locations are available with a subscription to

To use the advanced search tool on, visit the site's home page and place the cursor over Data Services. On the drop-down menu that appears, click Rig Search. Enter any available information on the rig, such as its name, manager, the type of rig, its water depth or its region of the world. Click View Matching Rigs to perform a search.

Search results include each result's name, manager, rig type, rated water depth and drilling depth. Click a result to open that rig's page.

Rig pages include more detailed information, such as the rig's operating status, construction details and equipment. Each page also has location information, although more information is available through RigLogix, a subscription service.

To view reports on, visit the site's home page and click Offshore, or place the cursor over Land to bring up a drop-down menu with available options. Multiple land reports are available, each with different information. Click Subscribe Now on any report page to proceed through the subscription process. The company also offers a free trial period.