How Do You Find Out Natural Gas Rates?


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Natural gas companies, such as Norwich Public Utilities, IGS Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, Liberty Utilities and Cascade Natural Gas, usually post gas rates on their company websites. Companies such as Cascade Gas also provide charts you can use to compare gas rates and savings between rival companies or energy sources.

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Norwich Public Utilities posts rates for both residential and commercial customers, along with an online pamphlet that provides further rate information. Cascade Natural Gas also provides both residential and business services. A Frequently Asked Questions page provides additional fee information for extra charges connected to appliances and field visits.

IGS Energy provides both fixed and variable rate natural gas plans. Fixed rates stay the same throughout the life of the plan, whereas the variable rate fluctuates with the market. The latter plan has a price cap, though IGS Energy notes that the rate can exceed that cap.

Piedmont Natural Gas operates in three states as of 2015; its website allows visitors to enter the current state, year and month for rate and tariff information. Customers can also go back in time to view rates from a limited number of earlier years. Liberty Utilities provides separate links for gas rates and tariff amounts.

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